Dr. Corbett Featured in Spectrum News!

Dr. Blythe Corbett was recently featured in an interview with Spectrum Autism Research News to discuss a newly published study from the SENSE Lab on early pubertal timing in females with autism. According to the study, females with autism start puberty around 9.5 months earlier than females without autism. Dr. Corbett describes this and more about the study findings in the Q&A with Spectrum, emphasizing the importance of pursuing this area of research, the clinical Read more…

SENSE Lab Takes a Break to Model New Masks

Despite continued physical distancing requirements, the SENSE Lab has been working hard to continue our research and serve our families. During a recent virtual lab meeting, everyone celebrated a job well-done with a recent gift from our director, Dr. Blythe Corbett— SENSE Lab masks! Now we can stay safe and look good while doing so. Thank you to Dr. Corbett for the fun and thoughtful gift!

Academy of Country Music Gift to Support SENSE Theatre®

A recent article in the VUMC Reporter announced a generous gift from ACM Lifting Lives to VUMC to establish the ACM Lifting Lives Autism Lab at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. Among the programs supported by this new initiative includes Dr. Blythe Corbett’s SENSE Theatre®. With this support, more families will have access to and be able to participate in the theatre program. More information on the ACM Lifting Lives gift to VUMC can be found Read more…

SENSE Lab Participates in Flight Simulation Event!

On Saturday, September 14, the SENSE Lab had the opportunity to collaborate with American Airlines on their “It’s Cool to Fly American” event for individuals with disabilities and their families. The event was held at Nashville International Airport (BNA). Everyone agreed that it was a fun and meaningful experience for both participants and volunteers! To read more about the event, a news article in Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s Notables can be found here.  

VUMC Reporter Features SENSE Lab Research

SENSE Lab Director, Dr. Blythe Corbett, was recently interviewed for a featured article in the VUMC Reporter, highlighting the SENSE Lab’s NIMH-funded “Teen Development in Youth with and without Autism”. To read the article and hear from Dr. Corbett on the importance of studying adolescence and pubertal development, click here! Those interested in learning more about the SENSE Lab’s research studies and how to participate can go to our Participate in Research page or contact Read more…

SENSE Theatre® Featured in VUMC’s “Discover”

The SENSE Theatre® intervention program was recently featured in an article for Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s new digital publishing platform, Discover. Click here for a link to the article. Research to support the theatre-based intervention is discussed, with quotes and discussion from SENSE Theatre® founder and SENSE Lab director, Dr. Blythe Corbett. The current NIMH-funded multisite study is highlighted as well. If you are interested in learning more about SENSE Theatre® and our intervention study, Read more…

Check out a recent article about SENSE research from Nashville Parent!

The SENSE Lab’s federally-funded project on Teen Development was recently highlighted in Nashville Parent magazine. The article includes details on the study with quotes from Principal Investigator and SENSE Lab Director, Dr. Blythe Corbett and can be found on the Nashville Parent website. Click here to read story. For more information on our research program and how you and your child can participate in our study, click here.

SENSE Lab Study Featured in Vanderbilt News!

Read the featured news story on SENSE Theatre and our new multisite intervention study, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. https://news.vanderbilt.edu/2018/01/15/vanderbilt-participates-in-study-investigating-impact-of-theatre-on-youth-with-autism/ If you would like more information on how to participate in this research program, click here.