The SENSE Lab’s ongoing longitudinal study, “Examining Pubertal Development in Youth with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder,” has received a lot of positive press lately! Multiple outlets, including the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) Reporter and Spectrum News have featured a recent publication from the lab, published in Autism Research, which found significantly earlier puberty in females with ASD compared to females with typical development and males with ASD.

To read more about the study findings and potential implications, check out the VUMC Reporter article titled “Females with autism reach puberty earlier: study.” And to learn more about the pubertal transition in ASD, including several quotes from Dr. Corbett and features of SENSE Lab research, check out this story from Spectrum News, “Puberty and autism: An unexplored transition.”

Finally, you can listen to a recent podcast from the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center to hear from Dr. Blythe Corbett on the study’s exciting findings so far and the paths for future research! To access the podcast, go here.