Dr. Blythe Corbett was recently featured in an interview with Spectrum Autism Research News to discuss a newly published study from the SENSE Lab on early pubertal timing in females with autism. According to the study, females with autism start puberty around 9.5 months earlier than females without autism. Dr. Corbett describes this and more about the study findings in the Q&A with Spectrum, emphasizing the importance of pursuing this area of research, the clinical implications of earlier pubertal onset, and avenues for future research. The full article and Q&A with Dr. Corbett is available at spectrumnews.org.

The full research article, “Pubertal Timing During Early Adolescence: Advanced Pubertal Onset in Females with Autism Spectrum Disorder,” published in Autism Research, is available here. To request a full-text PDF, contact senselab@vumc.org